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Company Profile

We, at Indus Engineering, design, manufacture and sell a wide range of pad printing machines. We are a company nourished by highly skilled and experienced people who have served the machine building industry for more than 2 decades. Our company has gained a good reputation in south Indian market by serving the requirements of various industries. This outstanding accomplishment is reflected in our customers satisfaction. We are well equipped with good resources and infrastructure to serve whole of the Indian market.


About Us

Since 2002 we have identified various international standards and have incorporated them to meet our customers need. This helps customer make right decision in the selection of equipment and design. On-site installation services are provided to our customers. We also support customer with key consumables such as pads, etching plates, cups etc. along with the artwork and adavam.com etching on chargeable basis. This is to help the customer get uninterrupted good performance from the machine.


Our Products

Our products are fast, reliable, cost effective and can be used for various applications of pad printing and screen printing. Our machines have the self diagnostic feature which helps in timely maintenance. The outcome of this is longer life of the machines.


Advantages of Pad Printing

Pad printing machine can be employed to print on flat surfaces, concave surfaces, convex surfaces and irregular surfaces. It gives sharp print quality and perfect registration after each and every print. Pad printing machine can print with very high speed. The printing consumes very low ink. This results in excellent print quality. The machines also require less area. These machines utilize less power and are operator friendly.

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Printed Samples
Ceramic Ring
Silicon Rubber Pads
Quality is the key element of our success . . .

We are pioneers in manufacturing high quality and economically feasible pad printing machines.

Why Us ?

Our machines are rugged, strong, economical, reliable and prints very fine details. Low ink usage, little space requirement, high speed and durability are the qualities our machines possess which make it suitable for the Indian market.

Special Services

Standard machines are available to our customers. Customers with specific requirements can also get their machines customized. On-site installation services are provided by us. Apart from the above, we train our customers to operate and maintain the machines with ease. We suggest our customers to take up this training which will be conducted at our works, free of cost.


CEO talk

" A recent report says that only 4% of the businesses survive through the first 10 years. "


We are happy to inform you that we made it. We manufacture pad printing machines of high quality.

We have an adept and skillful team which is constantly working towards perfection.

You can take a look at our products. We are open for queries and suggestions as we firmly believe that there is always scope for improvement.

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