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At present we provide the following models: FXP 1050, FXO 1050, FXP 1010,FXP 1010 C, FXO 1010, FXO 1510 , FXP DH, FXP CS and FXO 90D

FXP and FXO printing machines are standard Pad Printing machines with modular design, built in reliability that is optimized for economical performance. Machines are fast and have high accuracy and excellent precision. Machines are Microprocessor controlled and are user friendly. The machines have built in self-diagnostic features aiding timely maintenance resulting in longer life of the machines.

Closed cup mechanism: This mechanism has the special advantage of keeping the ink viscosity constant, even for large print volumes. This results in uniformity of printing. The closed cup mechanism thus helps us avoid frequent solvent addition.

We implement the latest technology by using Ceramic cup and magnetically sealed metal cups. Odourless and clean printing is possible in these types of machines. The etched plate and moving cup machines are made with special grade steel. This ensures consistent printing.


Single Color Pad printing Services

We manufacture and supply the best quality Single Color Pad Printing Machines. We are one of the most trustworthy brand and Suppliers of Single Color Pad Printing Machines. Our superlative quality Single Color Pad Printing Machine is renowned for its excellent performance. And our Single Color Pad Printing Machine is highly user friendly and available at very reasonable rates.

We analyze your requirements and understand them thoroughly so that we can provide you exactly what you are looking for. We make a detailed study to gauge which products will be able to meet your requirements. We also take the design, engineering and manufacturing into consideration.


Multi-color Pad Printing Services

We manufacture, export and supply multi-color Pad Printing Machines. It is adaptable to a variety of shapes and contours on parts with a variation in the surface, yet fine detail and precise copy is achieved. Four colour process is obtained with exact registration. Pad printing is ideal for decorating toys, plastic house wares etc.

Bulb Printing Services

We are one of the very few companies in India to offer Bulb Printing Machines. These machines come with admirable features like easy accessibility of control switches in the front panel, modular design, low noise and vibration, inbuilt counter to count the number of prints, minimum settings and change over time etc.